We often let our discomfort stop us from moving forward. Now, I’m not talking about those situations that you intuitively feel like it’s the wrong path. No, I’m talking about discomfort you may feel when it’s time to stretch a bit further than you’re used to.

We let the discomfort sway us even when we realize that the wider the reach, the more we will experience. We also recognize that these experiences can make our lives that much richer and more satisfying than if we didn’t. But yet, we hold back.

I think it’s well recognized that once that stretch is made, we know we’ll feel good and understand that our self-confidence will grow. And I believe we know that the more we stretch, the more we grow, and the more we grow, the better we become.

So what’s holding us back? After all, discomfort only lasts for a short time.


Is this discomfort interpreted as fear? Afraid of something that might bring harm? Or, is it just a story we have developed and built over time…a story that steals our dreams and peace of mind?

When we know that the outcome of a decision, granted, we may have to go outside of our comfort zone to do it, but we know that outcome really can only be positive…then it’s a story…a big one that seems to live in front of our heads.

The story works really hard to convince us that change is bad for us. It works hard in trying to stop us from taking action. It throws in a little self-doubt and anxiety just in case you’re not troubled quite enough yet, and then worrisome thoughts start marching across our brain about getting it right.

But all is not lost. Here are a few things to know that will help in smoothing out the discomfort…

Change Your Language

Instead of saying “I should”, say “I would like to”. Even if you just say those two phrases now, you can feel the difference in how the latter will lead you to a more positive outcome.

The Best Opportunities 

Failure at something is one of the best opportunities to learn something new

Failure at something begins the process of chipping away all the excess. It starts to polish the stone, as it were. It allows us to get to the core of the matter. Failure brings us experience, and we grow from our experiences. It tells us something, so it brings knowledge. It gives us the opportunity to improve. It certainly isn’t the end of the game. Rather, it’s just the beginning.

Taking action will move any fear

Sometimes, the very thought of taking action when you’re really scared isn’t exactly calming or encouraging. But, if you were to think of that fear as something exciting, you will be amazed as how you can move more sure-footed. Fear and excitement bring up the same hormonal response in our bodies. It’s you who gives these chemical changes their meanings.

  • We only have some of the answers, so make the best decision you can and move on
  • Gather up your courage and make it work
  • After all, what’s the worst that can happen? Probably not so bad, eh?
  • Then give yourself big High 5’s for doing it
  • Commit to enjoying the process
  • Start with smaller steps
  • You can always change your mind about the goal but do keep moving forward.

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