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Susan - deadlift

In this Discovery Session, you and I would have a half-hour 1-on-1 where we can examine what gets in your way.

I work with people, just like yourselves, who want to experience that shift to a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle. 

As a result of the Discovery Session, you will be able to walk away with a tool you can use on a daily basis so that you can begin to leverage your strengths and start to bridge the gap between your desires and your reality.


What I’m offering you is a Free half-hour Consultation.  But, more importantly you’ll leave with at least one tool or piece of information that could be the link between you and a healthy long life. 

Do you have the tools, the knowledge or maybe even the accountability to take yourself down that path?

What gets in your way?

Connie 76yrs client 3

If your confusion is overwhelming and you’re getting frustrated with no results, then let me share some tools that can take you over the hump.

And if that’s something that you would like to experience, then I’d like to offer to you a free one-half hour Discovery Session where and I promise that you’ll walk away with at least one tool or a piece of information that you’ll be able to use on your path to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

And, if you’d like to continue to work with me further, I have several options I can share with you to see what fits you best.


  • Tom

    Donnalynn has patiently helped me improve my limited range of motion.  She’s cautious and makes sure I don’t overdo it. She knows how to work with the more senior-aged body.  She has taught me several easy exercise movements and practices that have helped correct and extend my workout routine.  I feel I’ve actually hit the tipping point where I feel energized instead of tired at the end of my workout.   

  • Stacy D.

    Donnalynn is a very knowledgeable trainer and nutritionist. I have been working with Donnalynn for about a year and I feel stronger and healthier. Most importantly after my workout my mind feels clearer and ready for the week.  Thank you Donnalynn!

  • Lois P.

    I’ve been working with Donnalynn for several years.  I appreciate the good working partnership that we have.  She does listen to my questions and helps me understand the benefits that I will gain – balance, muscle strengthening, alignment – from particular exercises.  That is reassuring and helps me build confidence in myself – maintaining a good, healthy physical workout that will benefit me for ongoing health, exercise and positive thinking, too!

  • Mark G.

    I have only been seeing Donnalynn since the beginning of the year, about 6 sessions, but I already feel stronger and healthier.  My muscles are already more toned, my diet has improved, and I am overall in a better place physically.  I am really looking forward to more work with Donnalynn, too see just how much better my physical (and mental) condition will be!



Ready to feel great again but not sure how? Partner with The BodyFit Solution to redesign your lifestyle. Give us a call today and start planning a healthy life.