Just Trying to Stay Above Water


…the average American work week has risen, cutting time engaged in social relationships and a whole bunch of other things.  Americans’ happiest year on record is 1957!

We are just trying to stay above the water.  We have so much going on that we are really so overwhelmed we don’t know where to turn.

This overwhelm plays a huge role in our declining health.  


Today, clients tell me that our world seems scary to them and that they have an underlying buzz of stress as a result. 

We see some politicians using fear to make us more fearful of one and another.  Sometimes we feel helpless.  But paying close attention just brings us more overwhelm.


With all this overwhelm and more work than we can ever complete, we let ourselves get deconditioned.  And with this comes shame.  We feel ashamed we’ve let ourselves get so deconditioned.  We feel shame when people look at us.  We can only imagine what they’re thinking. 

And when we do try to put some of our inner desires to get beyond this deconditioned state, we get shamed that we date put ourselves first, in front of other responsibilities we may have. 

Many people who would like to take a step forward to improve their health and fitness are so overwhelmed and pressured by their jobs and other responsibilities that they can’t fit time in to do anything for themselves. 

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I see this a whole bunch.  I wonder what their bosses are looking for…stressed out people who can’t think straight and feel lousy and have terrible energy levels, not to mention any issues with their body. 

I realize how full their schedules are, so I offer options as to how we meet, in person and/or online, and I give them tips and tricks on how to schedule, plan and organize in order to get their workouts and good nutrition into their lives. 


We’re trying hard to check all the boxes and get done what we have on our plates.  Our To-Do lists are never-ending.  How about a Ta-Da list of our accomplishments instead!

If anything at all goes sideways, a whole cascade of things can happen.  We seem to be so vulnerable.  Our effort goes into working really hard to control what’s going on, our environment, our lives, our emotions. 

Those darn emotions…hard to push down and keep them there.  To do that, we work on ignoring a bunch and we also stop communicating to each other.  Our community becomes narrow.  Our routines become sacred.  


In the exercise world, resistance looks a little like this:  ‘I hate exercise.’  ‘I never could do that.’  And, ‘who would want to do that when you can…'(you can finish the sentence in a myriad of ways).  ‘There’s just not enough time in the day for me to exercise.’  Or, ‘I don’t do exercise’ (as if it’s just for the misled). 

Resistance also shows up when you’ve had an injury and you won’t do anything ever again just in case you might get injured again.  Or, you let your owie get so bad it gets to be replacement time. 

Often, you can rehab an injury and improve its situation.  Also, you can work around the injury.  It’s certainly worth your time talking to a personal trainer who has experience in rehabilitation.   Otherwise, you can be just driving that dysfunction deeper and deeper into your body’s systems.  Ignoring an injury or just hobbling along can set up other issues like overuse and incorrect bio-mechanics as a result. 

Rarely do people come in perfect condition, thus making corrective training a large part of my repertoire.  

Resistance doesn’t just happen in the exercise world.  That’s the world I’m in, so I see it there most often, but it truly carries over, to and from, other aspects of our lives.

But just think…with this resistance stuff, how much we squander!  Among other things, we lose precious energy to work on what’s lurking on the inside.  Instead, we steadily work on passing it by.  And then ”what you resist, persists” comes into play.

Besides, we all know that things don’t simply evaporate just because we’ve chosen to ignore them.  This is particularly true with unresolved emotions.  

It’s this emotional distress that is referred to that can actually lead to disease and deteriorate your physical well being.  But, it comes in smaller packages so we don’t recognize it.  Here’s how it starts…and, here’s where Brenea Brown’s wisdom  is just too perfect to pass up…’When it all becomes too much, that’s when we reach for the beer and the banana nut muffin.’


So how can you get beyond the natural tendency to resist? 

Courage, my friend.  You must step into your courage.  You must muster courage EVEN when you don’t know what the outcome will be.  It’s like going on that first date.  Scared and excited all at the same time, but you go  anyway.  And, you’re really looking forward to a great outcome.

Is it time to make that first date with the new future you?   Here’s a great way to get started.  

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