So you really would like to be “in better shape” but don’t know where to start. A little scared, perhaps? Maybe you won’t succeed, so why start? Been down this road before?

You remember when you used to be in really good shape. You just don’t know what happened or how things get so out of control.

Or, it might be that you got injured and have a nagging ache that you’re afraid to exacerbate.

It’s not that you don’t want to be healthy. Everyone wants to be healthy and fit. It just seems that so much gets in the way. And, when you’re down a road and have a stressed-out-overworked-undernourished-overfat-more-sedentary-than-you- want- to-be-lifestyle, it certainly can be challenging to figure out where from here.

Let’s just start from the exciting fact that you want to improve your health and fitness. That is exciting.

You should be jumping up and down. That’s okay if you’re not. I am for you .

Besides, this is where TBFS comes in to guide you in finding a path that works for you.


Let’s start with revising your relationship with exercise. Perhaps for some, the very thought of this may invoke the pit of your stomach to rise up into your consciousness. I get it, but here’s what…

Revising your relationship with exercise will come to be a more natural process than you think, as you saunter down a path that begins to shape your journey.

You truly can have fun exercising and getting healthy all at the same time. Hard to believe? Nahhh…let’s look at a few things


No one was born knowing how to do a clean and press (a fancy gym move). Each person who can do a clean and press had to learn how. And, that’s not where they started.

They had to learn and practice, practice, practice how to get their feet to work in concert with their arms, their brain and with their breathing.

Argh! The breathing part…some clients struggle with that, too, but they keep practicing sometimes by repeating instructions to themselves and consciously working with their breath through their movement until one day…Viola! They magically get the rhythm and now can actually put it all together into a beautiful, fun-to-do smooth move.

It’s starting to feel really good, but I’m getting ahead of myself.


Because even before that, they had have a sit-down-serious talk with themselves about how they wanted to move forward in life. Not a bad question no matter what you’re considering.
And now, it’s your turn to think that question through and come up with a direction. How do you want to move forward in life?


A path towards improvement requires inspiration. We think creating a vision of your healthy and fit future self is a great way to get the inspiration you’re looking for.

Ask and then imagine what would your future self be like? How good would you be able to feel? How would you look? How many more activities would you be able to participate in? Which ones would you chose? Would you be proud? Would your family be proud? Would your doctor be a happy camper?

Keep those images or that vision at top of mind for your inspiration. They can represent strength, love, beauty, or whatever your intention is right now, today.

And, you can change images as many times as you want as you travel down your path. You can also change intentions. For instance, you can make an intention for today and one for tomorrow, etc. Just as long as you keep traveling down your path, you are shaping its direction as you go.

Sometimes, it takes time to find our inspiration. Take some time to look at what would inspire you. Try it on and see if it feels good, then pull in it. We often talk about “stepping into your power”. This is where your empowerment begins.

I often hear people tell that they just lost their motivation. When actually, they lost their inspiration, their vision and stopped setting their intention.

Motivation actually comes later. I know, you thought you needed motivation to get going. Motivation doesn’t really last long which is one of the reasons that’s not what you need. But, I’ve written a whole blog on motivation. You can read it here.


Clients often come back from the doctors busting with pride because they received the “Atta way to go” from their doctor. They are so excited to share the good news.

Their family and their friends also have noticed their increase in energy, their appearance and their attitude shift. It really made them proud of the choices they have been making, and it gives my clients an important opportunity to recognize all the work they have put in.

You will find that the time and the focus that you put on improving your health and fitness will be one of the best investments you will ever make! This I promise you!

When you focus on one area of life, it impact every other aspect of your life. It’s this impact that garners the title “Exercise, the Keystone Habit”. Because like the keystone that holds up the archway, exercise holds up the doorway to a good life. (keystone habit anchor)

So when you’re looking at a regular exerciser and wishing you had their ‘discipline’, just remember, what they have done is established a habit. What you’re seeing is their keeping their habit in good routine order.

Yes, even regular exercisers have to make adjustments to keep their exercise habit in good routine working order. It’s as easy as scheduling your workouts in your calendar.

Regular exercisers make adjustments to their calendars and negotiate time within their busy schedules to include their workouts. This appointment then becomes non-negotiable. Oh, it may slide up and down the page, because life does come at us, but it doesn’t go off the page. And, it is a regular event scheduled on a weekly basis.

Then, the big High Five is all yours for the asking.


Now that your workouts are scheduled, your goal for improvement in health and fitness must consist of various types of movements and various levels of intensities.

Your workouts should include both cardiovascular (aerobic) and strength (anaerobic) training protocols.

While you can gain some physical improvement throughout the day with regular activities of walking, climbing stairs, moving around the office, picking up the kids, cleaning house, etc., these are considered light to moderate work levels.

To gain cardiovascular improvement, the intensity of physical movement needs to increase.
In our programs, we will work with progressing you with the right amount of work and intensity so you won’t have to do face plants into your food from not being able to lift your fork.

The difference between structured exercise vs physical activity is usually the intensity of the work. For certain health benefits, however, it usually requires strenuous physical activity.
Jogging vs walking at a leisurely pace would be a great example of the difference between the two.

Pound for pound, or minute by minute, strength training has an advantage over cardio work, and with some strength protocols, you can get a cardio workout doing your strength training workout.

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