Donnalynn's Story


I have been active from a young age, where I bounced off the walls and ran into doors. Fortunately, I was shown other ways to channel that energy.

As that active young child, I began to notice a new-found strength in my body, and I noticed an afterglow and a feeling of awareness of every muscle from head to toe.  As a young child, it was indescribable, and it felt really, really good.

These days, I call that awareness and indescribable feeling as Practicing Euphoria. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than to be able to teach, guide and share what I’ve learned with you so that you, too, will be able to Practice Euphoria.  And, so that you, too, will see the beauty in your new-found strength, the strength in your improved health and fitness.

Through the years, I’ve studied dance, gymnastics, martial arts, running, swimming, weight training, group exercise and Bikram Yoga.  I am always struck by how the fundamentals are practiced over and over by the masters.  A big take away for me and I'm sure for you, too, is that masters are experts at the fundamentals. 

It's your practice of the fundamentals, no matter where you start, is what brings you to your peak performance. 

As you practice and work towards excelling your techniques and your skills, so builds your clarity and confidence.  Accomplishing each goal is empowering, powerful and reliably motivating. 

And, as you continue to practice, the physical and mental benefits start to become more and more apparent.  Alas, you like myself, may well become a devotee to body movement and well being.  It's easy to do.

In 1980, I joined the fitness industry.  It was here that I could demonstrate, instruct and guide people like you, how to achieve fitness and health goals and to become strong and flexible.

Together, we will continue to share the benefits of moving and fueling our bodies and our minds and, in turn, experience the joy and afterglow of a good workout in a body we can do it well in.

Understanding the mechanics of the body, the musculature, the neurological make-up and the very important nutritional component of how to fuel the body was a result of my studying and learning how to unwind and reverse effects of injuries I sustained in my early days of sports participation.   As a result, I have been able to rid myself of the pain I once thought would be lifelong. 

What I gained continues to serve me and in turn, now allows me to guide you with knowledge, empathy, understanding and patience as you unwind, restore and regain your fitness and health.

Early on, doctors along the way told me that I was lucky to be walking. Their prescription was for me to stop my activities because of the severity of my injuries.  We all worried that things could go terribly wrong.

But, I came to realize that it was exactly because I was active that I was walking. My activities kept me strong and upright and still do.

So, I didn’t stop being active, but mindfulness and care is what dominates my choices. 

Today, those same doctors now agree with my choice to stay active, except now they say, “keep up the good work”.

Reason for practicing craft

I believe that knowing how to take care of your body, fitness and health, should be something everyone should know. Since that’s not the case, I have set out to teach people, particularly middle age and older adults, how to do just that so that they can enjoy an active, healthy  lifestyle doing the activities they want to do in a body they can do them well in.

Personal health passions

I love learning about nutrition and have studied and continue to study it over years. I also love learning how to keep our bodies healthy in a natural way. It all fascinates me, and I love sharing it with my clients...from learning how to grow your own food, how to identify and use herbs and native plants, how to source your foods and learning how to cook foods to absorb the largest amounts of nutrients--it's all part of what keeps us healthy and vibrant.

Favorite thing about working with clients

I love watching my clients work on a movement and then, one day, they'll able to do it.  It delights us both!  To be able to do things they couldn’t do when they started out is the best motivation to continue.   It gives me goosebumps and sometimes I even cry when they achieve something we’ve been working on for a while.

Silly random fact

I lived in a treehouse, 20’ off the ground, for 1-1/2 years. It was recognized as the 'ship treehouse' and well known in those circles.  You can find a picture of it in a book called Wood Butchers Guide. It even had running water that traveled all the way up the tree and gently landing in a hand-made shell sink – very cool.

Practicing euphoria

I take my work seriously but have a lot of fun doing it. I particularly take joy in guiding my clients toward “Practicing Euphoria”. This is the liberating and empowering magic we feel when we move our bodies and minds together in a series of movements and patterns.  I look forward to practicing it with you.