Did you know there are over 7,000 nerve endings in the foot? How does that matter to you? Because you can actually get some relief from an achy body by stimulating those nerve endings. 

Because, these nerve endings connect to the rest of your body.  By stimulating these nerve endings, you can smooth out and get some relief from your achy body and it all starts at your feet.  

The sole of your foot, or the solar plexus, is the nerve center of your body. The 7,000 nerve endings in your solar plexus correspond to different parts of your body, including every organ and every system in your body.

So Stimulate Your Nervous System

By applying pressure on your foot, you can actually stimulate your nervous system.  Using your nervous system as the path, you are then able to reach areas of your body that are achy and perhaps causing you some discomfort or pain.

Applying pressure or rubbing areas on your feet stimulates and travels via the nervous system’s pathways.  It’s this stimulation that creates more blood flow.  That blood flow then circulates and follows the pathway from the nerve ending in your foot to the area you’re trying to reach, the achy spot.

This flow of blood opens the pathway and in doing so, more energy is created.  The increase in this energy flow in turn increases circulation, which in turn, relaxes and soothes the corresponding achy area or organ you’re trying to reach.

This stimulation and energy flow unclogs the pathway and can help alleviate issues you may be experiencing with that organ, system or area of your body.

Unclogging a Headache

For instance, if you had a headache that was the result of neck tension, by increasing the circulation to that area, you could relieve your headache.

By checking your foot chart, you will see that your big toes on your right and left foot correspond to your neck and head region. By applying pressure or rubbing these areas of your toes you could essentially stop the beginnings of a headache coming on from turning into a full-blown headache.

If your headache is already pounding in your head, another technique would be stimulate all the areas between the toes by weaving a warm cloth in and out of your toes and make a small up and down motion with the cloth between the toes. This stimulates the nerve endings between the toes which activates the reflexes in your head and neck.

Reflexology at Work

So, if you haven’t had a reflexology massage, I suggest you do. It’s one of the most relaxing and most rewarding massage therapies there is.

So, here I am on couch with my foot roller – got home from work a bit ago. Still daylight out…I love daylight savings time, wish we could always keep it. Anyways, I got my foot roller out of my small bag of tools for my body and I’m going to give myself a foot massage as I vegg on the laptop into mindlessness.

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