People refer to aGame Changer as an opportunity to shift what isn’t working in your life to something that brings you insights, growth, and more positive experiences.

A “Game Changer” often comes up on you by surprise. You’re just sauntering about your day when something hits you and you realize what the possibilities are by redirecting some energy toward that newly formed enlightened goal you’re now all excited about.

And then again, sometimes a “Game Changer” comes about because you’ve been harassing yourself about getting this thing done, once and for all. Make the commitment, damnit! Just do it! Get your good self on, etc, etc. And, then when you do, things can change dramatically!

How you got to this blog post is probably a really interesting story, and if you’re dabbling with the idea that it’s time to improve your health and fitness, then let me be your guide into one of life’s biggest game changers of them all.


Oh I know that some people run away by the mere mention of the word. Some reluctantly try it on because secretly they would love to become one of those bouncy extremely fit bodies…maybe not so secretly.

Some wear a sedentary and indulgent lifestyle like a badge of courage.  I’m sure it takes a good amount of courage too!  Sometimes, it just creeps up on us.  And mostly, we just don’t know how to get started.    

We often try to take comfort and justify our deconditioned state by just looking around and seeing 160 million other Americans obese or overweight as the new normal. And, according to studies, the rate keeps climbing.

We all know that putting that much effort into what seems like immediate pleasure is misguided and it always comes back to haunt us.

Now, it’s true. I’ve been a gym rat for many years.   There’s lots of reasons why I keep me coming back besides being able to move freely, with no meds, weighing what I did when I was in high school and just plain all around feeling good.  Here’s a little peak…

First, I schedule my workout time in my calendar. Check out our FREEBIE to learn how.

When I set up my workout time, whether at the gym, at home or outside, I recognize that each workout is a new lesson that will build on what I have learned and accomplished for both body and mind. There is no separation here.

Each time I enter my workout space, I am reinforcing a work ethic of discipline. With all the things that happen in life, this is one area I can control, and it feels really good to be able to determine my direction, to shape my path.

This space that I’ve created becomes a sanctuary. It’s where I can clear my mind, focus on my inner workings and become aware of the way my body moves and my mind responds within a space. It’s a place of meditation and reflection. It’s private and only when invited can others come in.

I can feel the movement travel from head to toe and consciously direct the flow. I want to feel the grace and strength that is developing as I push the muscle to perform. I can visibly see how my effort defines the beauty and strength of my body and what it is capable of.

Exercise makes me feel better, allows me to look better, provides me with core lessons that I use in all aspects and throughout my life.


Continue to schedule your workouts and soon you will feel the positive differences in how your body moves and feels. At first, you may not be able to ‘put your finger on exactly what’s going on’, but there will definitely be a difference in your gait and you’ll feel an uplift in your mental well being.  

The positive difference you start to feel leads to and gets translated as building your self-efficacy–a belief in your ability to succeed. Self-efficacy determines how you perceive situations and how you respond to them. The better you get at it, the more confidence you build.

As you develop your self-efficacy, you begin to build a foundational capacity to organize and execute courses of action. This has a huge impact in the role you play in this world, how you show up, how you play and how you go about accomplishing the goals you set for yourself.

As a result, exercise helps you get rid of limiting beliefs. It removes the fear of failure. Exercise requires you to work at getting better, and believe me when I say, everyone sucks at first.


Exercise requires that you intentionally practice, practice and practice some more. You see improvement, and you set another goal always with a mindset of moving forward. You’re always looking to do one better.

You become patient with your pace and appreciate your gains. You forgive your shortcomings and realize every day is a new beginning. You learn that in order to move forward, you must take a few steps backward, and it’s no big deal, rather an opportunity to learn some more.

Moving forward, however, does require inspection of what worked and what didn’t work. This reality check (without judgment, I might add) is a valuable teacher. The resilience you develop provides a sure-footedness in transcending failure.

Resiliency becomes a go-to resource that enables you sustain your wellbeing.

You become tough in a soft way. You’re able to flow better and you understand that setbacks are set to go back, but set to go forward. You become elastic and spring back quickly, establishing a coping mechanism that helps you navigate through life’s ups and downs.
You, in turn, are able to show up in meaningful ways for yourself, your family and your community.


Exercise by itself is often thought of as just one more thing to add to the list. Perhaps that’s why people think of it as a chore.

They fail to see how this tiny ripple becomes a big wave in tsunami proportions. A wave of this magnitude not only has the potential but actually does light up the left hemisphere pleasure center in our brain. This center gives meaning to our lives where rewards are far greater than just crossing a chore off our to-do list.

Exercise, if thought as a singular action, is focused very narrowly. We narrowly focus our goal…get rid of the love handles and thus, narrowly focus our work…abs.

A narrow focus gives way to justifying being overfat or obese as the new normal. A narrow focus holds us captive to a high stress lifestyle that seeks comfort through food. A narrow focus of exercise allows it to fall from our radar screen.

But, as we have also seen, exercise is much more than one focal point. It’s about developing areas of influence that impact every aspect of our lives.

Exercise is like swinging the gate open wide and having a panoramic landscape in front of you from which you can carve a direction of your choice, to shape a path. And with that inspiration, you then step into your God or Goddess Warrior and assume the courage to take up the challenge to make a change, take a step toward one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your lifetime.

Allow the rhythm and the awareness of feeling muscles in your body move with grace, strength and gratitude as this miraculous machine carries you from one movement to the next creating patterns and forms. It’s exhilarating. We call this Practicing Euphoria.

It is from this inspiration that we drink and from which we consume and that which motivates us to continue until one day, we look up and we’re a ‘hard body’. From that little ripple, we have created a wave of tsunami proportions that have transformed us.

Here’s a good place to start to create your tsunami of transformation…The Vitality Toolbox will provide you with the foundation to begin your journey.