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Begin Where You Stand; A Hero Can Be Built from Zero

  • Habits, Movement, Mindset.
  • Beginner and Advanced.

  • Personalized Instruction.
  • Perfection isn’t required to get started.

Your Own Virtual Personal Trainer in Your Home

  • Scheduled live private appointments as you go through the course.
  • Immediate feedback ensuring correct form and technique.
  • Address existing conditions, injuries, or concerns.



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Online Training Platform with 24/7 Access

  • Weekly videos introducing each week’s focus.
  • Techniques, drills and practices to accompany the weekly videos.
  • Additional learning and follow-up by email.

Is pain or excess weight limiting your range and enjoyment of activities? There is still hope!

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JOURNEY TO HIGHLY ACTIVE ADULTHOOD is a 3-month interactive virtual program with Donnalynn as your coach to help you achieve a healthy, active lifestyle in middle age and beyond. Our guided, step-by-step process is designed to promote strength, agility and vitality so you can live well in your body again.

What You Get:
Through live virtual sessions, in addition to a training platform available to you, you will learn how to establish the habit of movement, the building blocks of health, functional movement patterns and mental resilience. By signing up, you learn how to approach movement and health holistically.

Are you suffering from years of neglect or working too hard and too long? It doesn't have to be that way! If you've been hesitating but know you need to change something, take the next step and get in touch today.


Personalized Instruction

The right exercises and lessons tailored to your needs and level

Coaching & Motivation

Regular assessments and phone check-in’s from your coach

Stay on Track

A complete, scheduled course so you know when to do what

Weekly Assignments

New challenges to keep you accountable and achieve your goals

Track Your Results

Stay motivated and organized with data on your progress, habits, and nutrition

Strong Support System

Regular Assessments, Check-Ins, Messenger Center

Take a new step to reclaim your health and fitness.
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